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A strong community helps everyone reach their fitness goals. So come and be a part of our community! Even on your 1st day you'll be welcomed and encouraged by our members.

Meet Some of Our Members

Emily Poulin

"Around two years ago I came to the conclusion that I needed to smarten up when it came to my health. I used to train in Martial Arts and was generally pretty fit, but as the years passed I stopped training and let the weight pile on. I was talking to my co-workers about getting fit again, and making my health a priority and that’s when my good friend told me about CrossFit. ...I have lost at least 30 pounds since [starting CrossFit], as well as 6% body fat, without losing energy in the gym."

Tasha Meikle

"At CFL5 the focus is not just athleticism, but on overall health. Through health seminars, fat loss challenges, and competitions, I am stronger and more energized all while balancing 2 jobs. ...Andrew and everyone at CrossFit L5 strives for everyone to make progress. Whether it is challenge and balance, like it is for me, or just improving your overall health, CrossFit L5 will help create progress."

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